yeah yeah..i love weekends..

weekends here i me and selina going to wisma and shopping...girls love shopping do you admit tat? hehe...but some don likes la...of cos...but me super likes....BUT MUST NEED MONEY LA...NO MONEY NO TALK...HEHE...

tonite my parents going to attend veronica wedding left all the children at home celebrate our moon cake festival. tonite catherine and lei lei and i irene and barney will organized a party at home...we will eating moon cake, playing tang lung, and drink VODKA...hehe....

will upload the photo for you all to watch it...hehe...



having lunch at MCD

just now me, selina and delson had our lunch at kingfisher MCDONALD.. maybe you will asked why we went there for lunch.....the reason was.....tada.......see tat picture?

just becos of this glass....if anyone don know about this...please go MCD and check it out....collect all the 7 different colour glass....this is the second one...the first one is pink colour and i got it liao....

how you can get it? just buy any large value meal + one sundae ice-cream....den you will get free of this fast...the pink one still available if you want it.....i plan to collect all the 7 colour....

HI...I am back

Hi everyone....sorry for the long long long din updated my blog...hehe....i don know what happened...just seem like don wanna updated anything and of cos busy for another things...CALLED....FACEBOOK...hehe...i think everyone knew about tat.

nothing special about last few months...just busy for works and church ministry and of cos with my dear relationship growing smoothly and stronger.

last month i just bought my ipod touch 2nd happy...thank dear...and this is also my 4 year anniversary gift from him and myself...we share together and bought it. now still very new on it...but i love it..

time run very fast...and one of my workmate got baby and taking a long leave and she is coming back wait to see her and pass back all the work for her...hehe...becos during her absent i was the one helping her to do her work....i had learnt new things when i handle her works.

today i got my salary...yeah yeah...but but month i need to spend lots money again....first is my mum birthday, second is i wanna buy a gift for delson for our money money...everyday we facing money problem...haha...

i think that all from me....will updated again...

see ya


Proud Of You

this message is for my sister IREAN KONG. my sister is a very intelligent person. why i say like that? among our three sister. i can tell you all that she is the genius. me and my second sister tidak pandai belajar. during our school time we just pandai main main only din serious study. but thank God for IREAN. she really a very clever and hardworking person. i am sure that our family proud to have her. from young she always make our parents and everyone laugh and happy becos her face make ppl laugh even until now. my mum very like her...too bad we get lots video but some of you not our family you cant private one...

she study at SIA...and she taking a interior designer. finally she did a last final exam. and i saw that every night she study until 2am and using three laptop (herself, my dad and delson) for her presentation. finally today she did it. and just now i saw her hard word...AMAZED AND SHE DID IT. very nice. and very nice...of cos is student standard la. cannot compare with working ppl la. anyway...i think for me she is the best. i heard that everyone is praying for her and the rest of the student. if you all wanna see her hard work...please kindly sms her o PM her o leave a comment on her blog. o view her facebook. 

next monday she starting training working at one of my church member company. (Roland Tang's company). 

she is our future hope in our family. no one else..hehe....she said after she works she will give the best for touching HA... can do it...pray for you during ur working life...hehe...



monster vs alien

tonight i bring all my youth to watch this movie at one borneo. by the way is the first time i bring all of them to watch movie. and the ticket money is all from their saving every week come to our fellowship. thank God everyone can watch it. thank God everyone enjoy tat movie. quiet nice and funny too. we had 20 of us watching just now. wow...i think half of the cinema is my man...hehe...

finally...u guess who win? monster o alien? haha.....MONSTER WIN....i like BOB....He always forgetful one...

i recommend those haven watch go and watch it...sure you like it...


Many Things Happened~

Last week really a erm errr dn kn how to explain....really unhappy week for me. let me explain one by one. 

1. my office internet line kena stop and we cant online (reason becos some of our staff din do their works and online only) it really freak me out becos i cant leave without internet. 

2. my project manager resigned and one of my staff also resigned. she is my closed friend....i so sad la..and now i need to do her work and transfer to one borneo. 

3. ISO need to upgrade from ISO 9001: 2000 to ISO 9001: 2008. I need to change some of the item lots works to do. but good..i love busy...

4. this month i pokai liao...cant you imagine only 02 june 09. but wat to do. this month i got few ppl birthday. my dad, my brother, selina, father day and friend's wedding. money money....need money now...

5. but lastly...i still very happy becos delson still stand by my side...hehe...he really support me lots...really thank you.

just updated

my new stuff

all me and irene watches

yeah! finally i can get my gift 

play fish games

coming soon....more picture...


~Jill Stuart~

recently i fall in love to this brand (JILL STUART)...maybe some of you know this brand o maybe no body know about this. but i found out it really touch my heart but i never use this brand before and i need to try it out.

if anyone of you know where get i can this product (within malaysia) pls do comment me...hehe...i hope to have it...

here is some of the product....


after coffee mints.

after drink starbuck one of this mints....really work oh...hehe....RM9.90 each.

lunch at The Hut (CityMall)

mother's day celebration

10-05-2009, we having mother's day celebration in church at 8am. here is some of the picture that we took...hehe...


my bling bling shoe sampai liao

FREE ITEM happy my parcel arrived today...i bank in friday den today sampai i started to love buy things online liao...hehe...when received the things very happy one oh...this sport shoe is from the hk movie TVB (Forensic Heroes 2). i love bling bling as you all know it...hehe...i bought one is for me and one is for delson...

my new slim mirror

last saturday i went to growball watch movie, suddenly i took my wallet from my handbeg, accidently my love shape mirror drop down and the glass break...and infront of ppl lagi...i love tat mirror so much and is a gift from selina...sorry ah selina..i don mean it...

last night, i went to daiso and decided to buy me another new mirror...finally i found....very slim mirror...very nice...and very light also...easy to carry here and there.....only RM5. hehe...maybe for you very mahal...but for me...ok ok la...

den you know me super like bling bling....finally my you are...


my new make up

mine one is black colour

very nice...i like it all the product..i bought at one borneo watson.


this is my mum





this is my beloved mum....she love gift...everytime she open gift she will very happy and laugh and laugh....

i so thank you to her for everything she done to me...

1. i never cook...becos she don wan us to messy the dapur.

2. every morning she will prepare hot water for me and carry for me(we don have the heater). becos when i was young i kena hot water before becos of my careless...

3. i seldom wash my clothes...all done by her...(sorry mum)

4. when i need car she will provide the transport.

5. when i lost something in house, she will look for me.

6. she take care my popo....although she don like but she also will take care. 

7. she is a best wife who support my dad behind.

8. she teaches us to become useful person in future.

9. she will give us eat first although at last she no food to makan. she will tahan.

10. she Honor God first in her life. 


Lord, please bless my mum and give her good health and happy life in the years to come. give her comfort, courage, strength, love and grace. thank you Jesus you gave her to us. if without her we really don know what the world is and we cant even come into this world and enjoy. THANK YOU MUM and WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS. sorry for the time we done wrong and don listen to you. we try our best don make you angry and disappointment again.