would you mind pray with me?

this afternoon 2.30pm, my dear's mum going to meet with my church Archdeacon John Yeo. properly i cant tell much here what happened to his mum and need to meet with sorry to say...but just to let you know, his mum having a panic attack and always scare this and that and den believe in her dream at night. she is an RC but totally not so understand the meaning...she is very traditional and i can said that she had wrong concept in her religion. my dear very suffer and tired facing with his mum and when i saw him i also very pity and hurt. i really hope one day his mum will wake up from the wrong concept and don believe the dream and dont scare and panic anymore...Lord please help them and me also...i know this is the evil's one who try to attack this family and her life. but we cant easily let go and let the evil control it and win the battle...everytime i saw his mum i so pity and sad cos she is really very suffer and living in the darkness. tell you that his mum always stay at home and seldom going out...cos of her fear. and i knew the Lord is working in her life of cos not so fast but slowly...

Lord, pray that this afternoon his mum wont suddenly change his mum...Lord please help her to understand you and dont believe with the one that destroy her life. pray that Lord you give her the comfort and joy and love and peace in her life so that she can live in a freedom life not in a bondage life. Lord, open her mind to understand your wonders will.. and also Lord we want to pray for delson.. pray that Lord you give him the courage and faith in you.. so that he can wholly trust in you and wont depend on others things but only God can helped him..Lord give me the energy and strength to communicate with his mum...and give him the patient also...thank you Lord. Hear our pray.. and we pray all these in the powerful of Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

thanks for all those who read this blog and praying with me together.

love lisa