nice and simply birthday

last night dear pick me and he asked me wanna go where to makan, cos we decided to watch the cloverfield movie at centre so we going to either centre o warisan we decided go secret recipe had our dinner cos we both never been there and last night was our first time...we went to palm square there...not much people and we ordered some cake and some lagsana and spagetti...quiet nice...and really reasonable. after that we went to vincci and look for the shoe the other day i saw very nice but expensive and only got membership card den 50% less. but last night we went there and its changed liao...non member also can buy for 50% less...walau...delson knew i like that shoe very much so decided gave me another birthday gift...i knew some of the people will say during birthday gave shoe to ppl is not so good...means you let her go..hehe..but too bad the shoe left the last pair lucky me and the size is correct one...

thanks happy....and i brought my annual dinner last wednesday and this shoe can fit that dinner dress happy..everything already ready liao...i hope the company can let me bring delson to the annual dinner...hehehe...later i will asked my boss..

anyway, thanks.