yeah my mummy come back tonight....miss her

for your information, my mummy going to indonesia for one month liao..tonight she finally back from indonesia....really miss her....

i love you mummy...muaks..


intro something for you all..

this is where i work...C.S. RUDY ELECTRIC SDN. BHD. this is the front desk and where i normally sit and do my work there. can you see my black handbeg? i just finish my lunch and take a chance to take picture of my company...hehehe...

this is my working table and my phone which i always answer call and make a call and my hiding keyboard...

and this is where client sitting and wait for the bosses...hehehe...

this is my computer...hehehehe....

this is my office puppy, is it cute?

is me SS in office...

say bye bye to June...

before going to lunch with my dear, i thinking wrote something in my blogger...becos my dear lunch hours is 1.00pm tp 2.00pm and mine is 12.30pm to 2.00pm. so every lunch we normally got enough time to meet up and have lunch at kolombong giant. i know very boring but the only place is air con and near our office.

this week is bit free week for me, not much work at the office and church ministry also free...hehehe..tonight i need to go and see them practise cos soon i going to menggatal church already. so just try my best to help them lo. and delson tonight got date with his best friend time for him to go out relax...hehehe..without me...enjoy it..

one of my account clerk resigned already becos of some reason she not so unhappy work in here...anyway, bless her la...lucky she got husband also la..but for me although one day i get marry i still want to continue my work..cos i don wan whole life KAO lao gong money oh..hehehe..

so sad, my salary only get at 03/07/2007...but anyway is ok la...cos i can save bit la...cos i need to save money for my KL trip happy waiting for that day to come...i going with irene my sister, delson and some happy....yeah can holiday liao..although only five days but i will enjoy it..

just came back from lunch, guess what, chicken rice i eaten and drink ice white coffee...i seldom and can say not at all drink coffee but my dear like to drink...what to just now i told my dear la, if one day i suddenly loved coffee liao how? den he said, NO NO NO you cant loved coffee cos you will fight with me....aiyo...lucky la i don like to drink delson no need worry la...hehehe..i wont fight with you one...

tomorrow my mummy will come back from miss her oh....she brought us many things yeah...i looking forward tomorrow a mid night flight oh...sure lots story hear from her liao...i know she also miss us....konon...

happy... :)


last service at Church of our Redeemer

yesterday is my last service at COR...this week i going to new church at Menggatal....bye bye to my all friends at COR...will miss you all lots...i mean it...cos you all really helped me lots and i enjoy serving together with you all..pray that you all will continue and serve the Lord..don be lazy o....and i hope the day to come we can come out and meet up and yam cha...hehehehe...

God bless you all...

last sat movie was...hai~~~hard to say...

last sat i bring all my youth went to growball cinema...all together 30 ppl...included me delson catherine irene and her this is my first time bring whole group of ppl to watch movie la..last time still got all of you...english youth team but now...only me and few my sister many things happened last sat...very kit sim one but at the end very smooth also la...first things...i went there early and settle all the ticket that i already booked and made the payment...praise the Lord, they no need us to showed them all my youth student card actually need one..but that night no need...phew...hehehhe...den i gave the guys all together RM199...for 28 is student price (RM5) and 2 for adult price (RM7) everything settled i went down shopping while cos still early ma...den suddenly i took out my hp and calculate my money la...den...i realise i paid more for them...all together the amount should RM154...den i so curious and very panic that time...den delson said we must go up and asked them...but i keep on say nevermind la...cos we don have prove that said we pay more liao..cos they din gave us receipt normally no receipt one la...only the at last we argue and argue until delson also said suan la...suddenly i calm down lo...i said to myself i must take back my not small amount also decided to go up and i asked delson to go and asked la...den finally i took back my money....yipee...lucky i got delson...he so patient when meet all such panic things but me o gui lo...

second thing youth...i got two van that van i already choose one leader and help me collect money from each i asked them count how many ppl la...den suddenly i found out that some of the youth they told me liao they not coming one but suddenly inside the van...wah i so frust la...cos i need to buy ticket again and arrange everything again....den delson asked me don panic first and catherine also say...nevermind...we can buy ticket again...den few youth cancel coming so at last we got more one ticket...aiyo...praise God...

third things...after when everyone meet at the ground floor burger king den i asked them few group going up first la...cos some of them knew the i asked them go and buy food la o toilet la den we meet at cinema 6 before last, 8.30 still got two group din come up so i phone them and they said they lost in the lift and they don know how to go up to the cinema...mao lit...cos when i asked them they said they know...see...never trust last one the guard bring them la...but at last they sempat watch movie also la...and den got another group which don have hp one...and i cant find them...i look all over the place finally i found them playing games...mao lit...suan a last time liao...hehehehe...anyway i enjoy the movie la...SURF must go and watch....

anyway, i wanna thank you to delson...he really helped me lots....



Ferror Rocher~~~I love it..thanks Dear

Yesterday my DEAR went to Labuan for training. and just now i went out lunch with him. he gave me one present...and i opened...yipee is a box of Choc...FERROR ROCHER...thanks so much....he always remember me although he so busy.. but me also like that la..


soon my whole family gonna transfer...sobzz sobzz

Thank God gave me the chance to served at COR(Church of our Redeemer) at kolombong since 2007 january. when i first step in the church, i felt so lonely and not belong to that church cos i used to served at christ church liao...tat time i really miss my christ church ministry and friends...suddenly leave them..aiyo the feeling very hard to let go...but at last praise God i let go liao...until now when i go back christ church i feel like not belong to tat church. when i reach the church there, really like everyone don know me and don even say hi you...but suan la...tat is a past liao...

praise God when i step into the COR ministry, first time of tak biasa one...but now i started to love them and click to them especially i saw some of the youth raise up and served the Lord. praise God for that. i served there already 6 month liao. and many happy and sad moment also. but i also wanted to give thanks to God for everyone of them and i pray that God will bless COR for the days to come...and more ppl will raise up and served the Lord.

last week, my dad told me one secret and asked me don tell others. me so curious what is tat about?den suddenly i shock heard that. we whole family will transfer to menggatal church. walau, tat time my feeling don know happy o mind blur and very luan...i totally don that time is a dream. so i asked my dad when we gonna went to menggatal. den he said need to wait for bishop letter. maybe another month den we will moved. so i assume that i still got one month jiao dai everything for my youth and praise team.

but suddenly last sat, my dad said he already received letter from bishop and we need to moved to menggatal church on the 01/07/2007. can you imagine that? is only one more week oh...i so sad tat time....i miss my youth and ministry here. so last sat the youth, i took all my youth picture. and i teach them last time dancing and singing for last sunday father day presentation. i promise them end of this year we gonna have outdoor, we have party,we have treasure hunt and others. lucky i still had a great family camp with them. i just train up some of the youth to involved in praise and worship. next week i gonna bring my youth go to cinema watch movie. and all my youth haven know that i gonna leave soon. i don know how their reaction but i pray that God will give them wisdom and build their faith in you. so that they can grow stronger in you and know you more and more everyday.

last sunday is my last sunday lead song. i totally blur and cant control myself. last sunday is father day bt i forget to greet that one. don know what my mind thinking tat time. my praise team haven know about my leaving also. tomorrow during practise time i gonna meet them again and tell them the news. some of them knew liao and they cant accept it and don wan me go but wat to do...Lord strenghten their heart so that they can continue served in this ministry.

we don have house yet, cos now the house that we leaving now is belong to COR..and maybe we will continue stay here until we found a house near menggatal. my mum not with us also at this sad moment. we phoned her and told her liao..but her reaction is like normal maybe she already ready liao.

to all my beloved friend from COR...i miss you all..really miss you. will remember you all in my prayer everyday. remember continue served God and don forget keep in touch. if you change your number remember tell me oh....i don wan lost contact with you guy really amazed to me...serve the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind.

be stronge and courage..


last night practise

yeah coming to weekend again, so happy. soon delson coming back from his outstation and praise God his mom was ok.

last night was our night service practise and also was my last practise with them. starting next week i wont lead in the evening service in COR (Church of our Redeemer). my dad asked my must let one of the song leader that i training right now and let him lead every night service. if not one day if i go then cant even train up a leader up. so finally i let go one ministry. so now i concentrate on morning service worship team only. at last, sunday night i am free now.....

tonight our youth gonna practise one singing plus dancing for tomorrow morning service Father's day. last minutes i think of that. hope they will concentrate and practise and learn tonight. The Lord will provide.

enjoy your weekend...God bless you


lesson to learn

one things happened oh just now but really praise God He is helping me lots..thank you Jesus. just now i received a call from client and wanna look for my boss and make appointment with him regarding some cataloge. but my boss not in that time so i cant give him the time when my boss gonna free and meet him so i took his handphone and i said to him that after i confirm with my boss then i will call back you. so i wrote down his number and i call my boss and asked lo when you free la and den got one client wanna meet you la. den my boss said this afternoon 2.00pm he is free. so i say ok la den i return to the client and told him that this afternoon my boss will meet him. den i call the number that he gave to me. you know what jenny? is wrong number. OH NO..i wrote down the wrong number. i so scare and don know why cos i already told my boss liao this afternoon confirm liao but that time is 11.00am still got few hours time how i find the number? i just know just now the guys said he is from UMW. so i go to the directory and look for UMW office number. that lots man. den i call one by one and asked do you have such ppl there working. the answer is no. oh no lo..den suddenly my boss come in and asked, so this afternoon confirm right? me like OHNO in my heart den i replied my boss, sorry the client not free today maybe tomorrow la. so the boss say ok la den tomorrow la. so i continue find the number. but praise God, suddenly my mind think of maybe my staff got this client number leh so i try and asked them la. finally i found it. hui~~~~scare me. a lesson that i learn is must listen carefully and wrote down everything don missed it. if not o gui lo...hai~~~scary..

my dear outstation

i will missing my dear for four days three night. he going to Tawau, Sandakan and Lahad Datu today until sunday afternoon come back. he gonna give all the salesman training on the new car. pray for his journey and every presentation that he needs to say on the training.

today i so early to office, my work quiet free cos my boss not in today cos he will be having seminar in the hospital. tonight i have no church program yeah is the time i can relax at home and watch my movie liao. so tired every night go out. of cos also because delson not around so bit bored..hehe...but praise God during this few days lunch i have my best friends teman me lunch if nt i will eating biscuit in the office alone. but i used to it liao. for me either eating outside o eating inside the office alone is no problem for me. thanks friends. i so appreciate it. normally delson wil teman me eat one and same place all the time. so before he left to outstation, he know me wont go out eat one so he brought me biscuit la, choc bar la, cake la and many more and stock it for my lunch and breakfast. so caring oh..hehehe...indeed he really a good guy.

ok la. now is time for me to go and check my mail. someone everyday sure wrote me a love letter which is not delson...hehehe..someone...

dear take care. and me promise you i will take care also.


funny thing happened just now

this happened in my office toilet. the story goes like that. when i received delson phone and asked me get ready cos he coming soon to pick me for lunch. so i quicky go toilet buang ai kecil. den i planning to wash my...**** with water flush that is inside my office toilet. suddenly something flow down inside the toilet bowl. den i found out that is the water flush broken and flow into the toilet bowl and that time i just finish buang air kecil. you know that time the only way i can do is used my hands to gorek the thing up and put back the water flush. cos no others equipment i can used liao. that is my first time i touch my own "xiao bian" so geli. lucky i din berak.hehehe...


Happy Blessed Birthday Barney

Today is my brother birthday. he is same month with my dad. hehehehe


later at 4.00pm delson needs to train all the KK brance salesman and saleswomen about their new car LATIO... pray that Lord you grant him wisdom and knowledge and good memory so that whatever he already study will remember and has confident to say out later. God bless you dear. you can do it one...gambateh oh..


Lord please heal her in the Name of Jesus

hai~~~tomorrow delson going to outstation until sunday then come back. the thing now delson and i worry is his mum. cos her mum situation now very bad and always scare this and that and just want delson beside her. so now, delson needs to call his sister from beverly and help take care her mum few days but praise God his sister willing to help but another things happened just now. delson sister phone him and said, his mum wanted to moved down to beverly hills which his sister living now. so delson don agree cos if she lived there, how her mum gonna work and in the midnight is she scare o panic she sure will trouble ppl send her back to tuaran again so delson strongly disagree so do i also.

please pray for her, cos she really so weak and her faith really so weak. how can she whole life always depend on his son o others things. i hope really one day her life will change by Jesus Christ. pray for her so that she wont scare. delson really no heart to work and cant concentrate at all. i really so sad see my dear like that. praise God that delson make a decision that he wanted to bring his mum and his family to anglican but the problem is the mum haven ready yet. and he decided on the 22/06/2007, delson will ask my dad and Archdeacon John Yeo and some of the church leaders to go and pray for the house and cleansing the house and deliverance his mum. but i know the evil one wont gave up so easy and his mum sure don agree o not sure one...but please pray with me so that his mum will agree and everything will be fine and the end. if not his mum will really destroy by the evil one.. we really don wan let the evil one win the battle...

Lord, please hear our Jesus Name we pray AMEN..

delson, please be courage and have faith in the Lord. He is always there protect and guide you through all the difficulties. the Lord be with you always. patient..


dissappointed :(

i serving in church of our redeemer since january 2007 until now. when i leave christ church likas, is really a sad and bu she de but at last i left...i missed my praise and worship team which i served with them more than 4 years and with my youth there and also the children ministry there...really missed...but now i already used to my new enviroment and new churches...but really a hard challenges for me cos this church really NAN GAO oh...(in cantonese)Lord please moved their heart and soften their heart to serve You. Pray that Lord you make their mouth don talk so much but do much for the Lord.

i came to this church and i involved in the praise and worship team. this church is different from last time i serve..they got two service and two different team of people which because many of them don wanna to serve morning and night and they just wan to commit into one service that why we need to make two team. i really pray that Lord You open their heart so that they have the commitment to serve anytime don just say i belong to morning service then night service i no need help them.

last time in january, i only lead at night service and my sister will lead in the morning but because she already get married then i need to take over two services which really make me tired but i still take it cause i not serve with my energy but the Lord is be with me. so..when i serve with the morning service team, no problem for me to work with them. they very committed maybe because of them are very young christian and easy to train and teach. praise God for that. but come to the night service quite different. because the people was old christian and unmature christian also. when the time i go there lead them, i found out they really very bad but not so worst. so i try to train them and give them some advice but end up with they say me so strict and bad at the back of me.. which so hurt me.. they say me too high standard and don understand them but for morning service they don have this matters. some of the musician say they used their mood to play...what is all about?

again, the night service, some of the ppl cant even committed to come on time to practise and even during the night service. if me really strict i already stop there ministry but i keep on telling them please come on time until the level i stop saying them already cause they hate me and they don like me. how to serve?teach me? i really don know. so now during practise time i jus keep silent and don say anything cause they wil hurt don like me and they think every word i say is scold them. but they don think the way they playing is very bad and i just wanna telling them they right way to play.

anyway, i really praise God and thank God for my youth...Raymond, Chong Tze Chong, Mardy. they all very guai and willing to learn. i rather used them in the future. i pray that God will used them mightly and they will become full time serve in the church. anytime i ask them to help me in worship they wont reject me and just say yes i will do it. i really don like some of the people say, i really have heart to serve but at last he come late in practise and even worship time on sunday. is that the way you serve the Lord?

anyway, really pray hard for this church....


busy schedule

hi my beloved friends, sorry for one weeks din updated anything here..because of the busy time table lo...what to do..last week i got two meeting going on and needs to prepare many document and minutes again...because our secretary still on week she will be coming back horray...and den i no need do her works liao..but thanks her also la..cos i learn something new...i willing to do anything they ask me cause i wanna learn somethings.

delson going to outstation this coming wednesday until friday. he needs to do training in the branches. the place that he is going is Tawau, Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Labuan...he so worry about his mum so if you free, just remember her mom in your prayer daily..pray that during the absent of his son she will be really protect by the angel of God. hope she has a good night sleep everynight and wont disturd by the evil one...delson don wan after he come back from outstation his mum become not normal..

tomorrow i having another ISO meeting again...hope this meeting gonna end soon but i know it wont end one la...tonight i got prayer meeting and like usual i will be leading worship...pray that the church member will come and join together pray for the church.

yesterday the morning service was great but the night service bit worst...the praise team part...bass and guitar late...but is not the first time la....almost every sunday...not the back up late, den is the drummer late o the guitar o bass...whatever la...almost wanna give up liao...hehehe...Lord have mercy on me and give me patient on them...

yesterday is me and delson 2 years and 8 months anniversary....we din celebrate anything cos is sunday and me busy with church and he busy with his house works...only night den he came to night service like usual and den i brought him a gift...but suan la delson...he din give me anything but he already gave me almost everything....thanks dear...pray that our relationship will grow stronger in the Lord...i love you..

will update you all again...

see ya..



would you mind pray with me?

this afternoon 2.30pm, my dear's mum going to meet with my church Archdeacon John Yeo. properly i cant tell much here what happened to his mum and need to meet with sorry to say...but just to let you know, his mum having a panic attack and always scare this and that and den believe in her dream at night. she is an RC but totally not so understand the meaning...she is very traditional and i can said that she had wrong concept in her religion. my dear very suffer and tired facing with his mum and when i saw him i also very pity and hurt. i really hope one day his mum will wake up from the wrong concept and don believe the dream and dont scare and panic anymore...Lord please help them and me also...i know this is the evil's one who try to attack this family and her life. but we cant easily let go and let the evil control it and win the battle...everytime i saw his mum i so pity and sad cos she is really very suffer and living in the darkness. tell you that his mum always stay at home and seldom going out...cos of her fear. and i knew the Lord is working in her life of cos not so fast but slowly...

Lord, pray that this afternoon his mum wont suddenly change his mum...Lord please help her to understand you and dont believe with the one that destroy her life. pray that Lord you give her the comfort and joy and love and peace in her life so that she can live in a freedom life not in a bondage life. Lord, open her mind to understand your wonders will.. and also Lord we want to pray for delson.. pray that Lord you give him the courage and faith in you.. so that he can wholly trust in you and wont depend on others things but only God can helped him..Lord give me the energy and strength to communicate with his mum...and give him the patient also...thank you Lord. Hear our pray.. and we pray all these in the powerful of Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

thanks for all those who read this blog and praying with me together.

love lisa


finally i am back from holiday...

hi to all my beloved friends....i am back...

refresh and i really enjoy my holiday...especially the family camp...although it was very luan luan but praise God it finish well and everyone happy...

during the family camp, many things happened...sad, angry, happy, and many more...i cant share one by one here...jus tell you bit la... the place tat we stay was not very high class is consider BURUK AND OLD...hehehe...and not every room got hot water...only three room has...and many of the people go into one room and waiting for hot water...however, me very lazy to wait so decided used COLD water to suffering...and my dear also follow me..aiyo...

another funny things, delson suppose same room with the young ppl, but becos we not enough room so all the male youth go into one big room...around 10 youth , delson cant tahan cos the smell and not tilam to sleep and they very noisy and sleep very late. delson very tired and the next morning he need to drive back to kk so he need i decided to ask him go to my room and sleep with my family...but actually our room also 6 of us liao...and only got one single bed and two tilam...can you imagine tat...but lucky just for one last everyone sleep so happy..

is was a great camp, especially we enjoy the sermon by Pastor Margaret and athe tresure hunt and BBQ...coming soon 2008 another family camp...during the tresure hunt, my group is the last one find all the answer, but you know what, our group won...hehehe...

anyway, the time really run very back to work again