dissappointed :(

i serving in church of our redeemer since january 2007 until now. when i leave christ church likas, is really a sad and bu she de but at last i left...i missed my praise and worship team which i served with them more than 4 years and with my youth there and also the children ministry there...really missed...but now i already used to my new enviroment and new churches...but really a hard challenges for me cos this church really NAN GAO oh...(in cantonese)Lord please moved their heart and soften their heart to serve You. Pray that Lord you make their mouth don talk so much but do much for the Lord.

i came to this church and i involved in the praise and worship team. this church is different from last time i serve..they got two service and two different team of people which because many of them don wanna to serve morning and night and they just wan to commit into one service that why we need to make two team. i really pray that Lord You open their heart so that they have the commitment to serve anytime don just say i belong to morning service then night service i no need help them.

last time in january, i only lead at night service and my sister will lead in the morning but because she already get married then i need to take over two services which really make me tired but i still take it cause i not serve with my energy but the Lord is be with me. so..when i serve with the morning service team, no problem for me to work with them. they very committed maybe because of them are very young christian and easy to train and teach. praise God for that. but come to the night service quite different. because the people was old christian and unmature christian also. when the time i go there lead them, i found out they really very bad but not so worst. so i try to train them and give them some advice but end up with they say me so strict and bad at the back of me.. which so hurt me.. they say me too high standard and don understand them but for morning service they don have this matters. some of the musician say they used their mood to play...what is all about?

again, the night service, some of the ppl cant even committed to come on time to practise and even during the night service. if me really strict i already stop there ministry but i keep on telling them please come on time until the level i stop saying them already cause they hate me and they don like me. how to serve?teach me? i really don know. so now during practise time i jus keep silent and don say anything cause they wil hurt don like me and they think every word i say is scold them. but they don think the way they playing is very bad and i just wanna telling them they right way to play.

anyway, i really praise God and thank God for my youth...Raymond, Chong Tze Chong, Mardy. they all very guai and willing to learn. i rather used them in the future. i pray that God will used them mightly and they will become full time serve in the church. anytime i ask them to help me in worship they wont reject me and just say yes i will do it. i really don like some of the people say, i really have heart to serve but at last he come late in practise and even worship time on sunday. is that the way you serve the Lord?

anyway, really pray hard for this church....