Annual Dinner

karen and i

Selina and i



Last night was our annual dinner. 11am me, selina and karen went to putra to arrange the gift until 1pm finished arranging. after that me and karen went to lintas sang nyuk mian makan den went to do hair. guess what the cost for the hair very cheap...hehehehe...set hair only RM10. and was a guy do our hair and the saloon no body just me and my friend karen. around 3.30 we finish settting our hair den we went to her house to bath and change. so surprise that we 4.30pm already finished everything and because of my friend's room no air-con we decided to went off and find one place to yam cha with our dinner dress and nice hair....finally we found ACE near beverly there cos my friend's house near beverly. cos we don wan went to coffee shop that without air con one...cos we sweating we need to more high class cafe so we found ACE. We ordered Pineapple juice for me and ice lemon tea for karen. all together only 10.45.

after that we went to putra and do our set up. that night was great and lots program. we got asked the china team to present us the china traditional dance and music. and all the kung fu shao lin. wow...first time i saw in front of my eye. really great. so real..hehe...

at last, we din get any gift...bad...luck..hehehe...

happy....around 10.30pm finished everything.