so so so sleepy

liang cai mike he

cute HEBE

last night after prayer meeting i went back home and had my cold bath, after that i decided to re-do my nail colour again.....this time change to black colour with glitter....during chinese new year my fingernail colour was green with 3D flower graphic on it. after that, i decided to watch my lovely taiwan drama called " DOU NIU YAO BU YAO" actor is HE JUN XIANG and actress is HEBE...i love that movie oh.....i keep on watch from chapter to chapter...until 2am...walau eh....until delson also cant wait for me and i asked him don need to wait cos i gonna watch until very late. but you know wat, i haven finish watch. tonight i am gonna continue again....hehehe....

for your information, today i super sleepy...and my eye very blackie panda bear....oh my goodness....