busy schedule

hi my beloved friends, sorry for one weeks din updated anything here..because of the busy time table lo...what to do..last week i got two meeting going on and needs to prepare many document and minutes again...because our secretary still on week she will be coming back horray...and den i no need do her works liao..but thanks her also la..cos i learn something new...i willing to do anything they ask me cause i wanna learn somethings.

delson going to outstation this coming wednesday until friday. he needs to do training in the branches. the place that he is going is Tawau, Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Labuan...he so worry about his mum so if you free, just remember her mom in your prayer daily..pray that during the absent of his son she will be really protect by the angel of God. hope she has a good night sleep everynight and wont disturd by the evil one...delson don wan after he come back from outstation his mum become not normal..

tomorrow i having another ISO meeting again...hope this meeting gonna end soon but i know it wont end one la...tonight i got prayer meeting and like usual i will be leading worship...pray that the church member will come and join together pray for the church.

yesterday the morning service was great but the night service bit worst...the praise team part...bass and guitar late...but is not the first time la....almost every sunday...not the back up late, den is the drummer late o the guitar o bass...whatever la...almost wanna give up liao...hehehe...Lord have mercy on me and give me patient on them...

yesterday is me and delson 2 years and 8 months anniversary....we din celebrate anything cos is sunday and me busy with church and he busy with his house works...only night den he came to night service like usual and den i brought him a gift...but suan la delson...he din give me anything but he already gave me almost everything....thanks dear...pray that our relationship will grow stronger in the Lord...i love you..

will update you all again...

see ya..