funny thing happened just now

this happened in my office toilet. the story goes like that. when i received delson phone and asked me get ready cos he coming soon to pick me for lunch. so i quicky go toilet buang ai kecil. den i planning to wash my...**** with water flush that is inside my office toilet. suddenly something flow down inside the toilet bowl. den i found out that is the water flush broken and flow into the toilet bowl and that time i just finish buang air kecil. you know that time the only way i can do is used my hands to gorek the thing up and put back the water flush. cos no others equipment i can used liao. that is my first time i touch my own "xiao bian" so geli. lucky i din berak.hehehe...


Happy Blessed Birthday Barney

Today is my brother birthday. he is same month with my dad. hehehehe


later at 4.00pm delson needs to train all the KK brance salesman and saleswomen about their new car LATIO... pray that Lord you grant him wisdom and knowledge and good memory so that whatever he already study will remember and has confident to say out later. God bless you dear. you can do it one...gambateh oh..


Lord please heal her in the Name of Jesus

hai~~~tomorrow delson going to outstation until sunday then come back. the thing now delson and i worry is his mum. cos her mum situation now very bad and always scare this and that and just want delson beside her. so now, delson needs to call his sister from beverly and help take care her mum few days but praise God his sister willing to help but another things happened just now. delson sister phone him and said, his mum wanted to moved down to beverly hills which his sister living now. so delson don agree cos if she lived there, how her mum gonna work and in the midnight is she scare o panic she sure will trouble ppl send her back to tuaran again so delson strongly disagree so do i also.

please pray for her, cos she really so weak and her faith really so weak. how can she whole life always depend on his son o others things. i hope really one day her life will change by Jesus Christ. pray for her so that she wont scare. delson really no heart to work and cant concentrate at all. i really so sad see my dear like that. praise God that delson make a decision that he wanted to bring his mum and his family to anglican but the problem is the mum haven ready yet. and he decided on the 22/06/2007, delson will ask my dad and Archdeacon John Yeo and some of the church leaders to go and pray for the house and cleansing the house and deliverance his mum. but i know the evil one wont gave up so easy and his mum sure don agree o not sure one...but please pray with me so that his mum will agree and everything will be fine and the end. if not his mum will really destroy by the evil one.. we really don wan let the evil one win the battle...

Lord, please hear our Jesus Name we pray AMEN..

delson, please be courage and have faith in the Lord. He is always there protect and guide you through all the difficulties. the Lord be with you always. patient..