soon my whole family gonna transfer...sobzz sobzz

Thank God gave me the chance to served at COR(Church of our Redeemer) at kolombong since 2007 january. when i first step in the church, i felt so lonely and not belong to that church cos i used to served at christ church liao...tat time i really miss my christ church ministry and friends...suddenly leave them..aiyo the feeling very hard to let go...but at last praise God i let go liao...until now when i go back christ church i feel like not belong to tat church. when i reach the church there, really like everyone don know me and don even say hi you...but suan la...tat is a past liao...

praise God when i step into the COR ministry, first time of tak biasa one...but now i started to love them and click to them especially i saw some of the youth raise up and served the Lord. praise God for that. i served there already 6 month liao. and many happy and sad moment also. but i also wanted to give thanks to God for everyone of them and i pray that God will bless COR for the days to come...and more ppl will raise up and served the Lord.

last week, my dad told me one secret and asked me don tell others. me so curious what is tat about?den suddenly i shock heard that. we whole family will transfer to menggatal church. walau, tat time my feeling don know happy o mind blur and very luan...i totally don that time is a dream. so i asked my dad when we gonna went to menggatal. den he said need to wait for bishop letter. maybe another month den we will moved. so i assume that i still got one month jiao dai everything for my youth and praise team.

but suddenly last sat, my dad said he already received letter from bishop and we need to moved to menggatal church on the 01/07/2007. can you imagine that? is only one more week oh...i so sad tat time....i miss my youth and ministry here. so last sat the youth, i took all my youth picture. and i teach them last time dancing and singing for last sunday father day presentation. i promise them end of this year we gonna have outdoor, we have party,we have treasure hunt and others. lucky i still had a great family camp with them. i just train up some of the youth to involved in praise and worship. next week i gonna bring my youth go to cinema watch movie. and all my youth haven know that i gonna leave soon. i don know how their reaction but i pray that God will give them wisdom and build their faith in you. so that they can grow stronger in you and know you more and more everyday.

last sunday is my last sunday lead song. i totally blur and cant control myself. last sunday is father day bt i forget to greet that one. don know what my mind thinking tat time. my praise team haven know about my leaving also. tomorrow during practise time i gonna meet them again and tell them the news. some of them knew liao and they cant accept it and don wan me go but wat to do...Lord strenghten their heart so that they can continue served in this ministry.

we don have house yet, cos now the house that we leaving now is belong to COR..and maybe we will continue stay here until we found a house near menggatal. my mum not with us also at this sad moment. we phoned her and told her liao..but her reaction is like normal maybe she already ready liao.

to all my beloved friend from COR...i miss you all..really miss you. will remember you all in my prayer everyday. remember continue served God and don forget keep in touch. if you change your number remember tell me oh....i don wan lost contact with you guy really amazed to me...serve the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind.

be stronge and courage..