Congratulation to my beloved daddy...

Three New Deacons

Bishop, Pastor Ai Kun, Archdeacon John/Melter/Moses

Aunt Jilian, Mum & Dad , Archdeacon John

Lei Lei & Grandma

Gift Presentation

my family

Archdeacon John and Aunt Jilian & kong's family

last sunday was my dad big day...that is he naik pangkat liao...becoms deacon....i know he sure thank God for that and also thank God for the other two deacon also newly ordinate. thank you for all my friends who came and support last sunday my dad wanna said thank you to all of you. here is some of the picture that i took but not all i put up. hehehe..


here is my friend's phone sticker...hehehehe....mine coming soon...cos still working half way....selina and i had the same handphone and we do the sticker handphone together. like sister liao....happy...