My Eye almost gone

last night during caroling when we reached the third house, before we start singing suddenly got one bettle flying around the car park light and i so scared and hide at behind the guitarist. den suddenly i saw tat bettle flying toward me and i run away and i din see the guitar in front of me den i bang my eye pain...and my left eye begin keluar air liao...den bengkak...hehe...

i really thank God the guitar wire din masuk into my eyeball if not...i really don know what will happened to my eye..really so scary...becos of the bettle my eye buta...aiyo...really not worth la...but i really scare insect...everytime at house o anywhere asalkan got insect i will hide and run and run as far as i can..i don care in front of me is what.

nasib baik i still can see...thank God

Caroling Day 2

Continue my caroling, last night was different from the first night. first night every house got makan but this time none of the house prepared food for us...hehe...(i don mean that i wan them prepared the food) after everything, we baru go out makan our dinner + supper...kesian the kids din makan hungry went back home...lucky the last house the family prepared buns for us...hehe...we like the NGO GUI...all rush to makan...haha...

sorry that the picture that i took not so clear...until now i don know how to used my canon...hopeless....aiyo...i think i need a class...someone willing to teach me? waste buy so mahal punya camera tak pandai more question, why in my camera screen look very clear but when show in computer, very lan si one? why?

anyway, enjoy singing carols...