lesson to learn

one things happened oh just now but really praise God He is helping me lots..thank you Jesus. just now i received a call from client and wanna look for my boss and make appointment with him regarding some cataloge. but my boss not in that time so i cant give him the time when my boss gonna free and meet him so i took his handphone and i said to him that after i confirm with my boss then i will call back you. so i wrote down his number and i call my boss and asked lo when you free la and den got one client wanna meet you la. den my boss said this afternoon 2.00pm he is free. so i say ok la den i return to the client and told him that this afternoon my boss will meet him. den i call the number that he gave to me. you know what jenny? is wrong number. OH NO..i wrote down the wrong number. i so scare and don know why cos i already told my boss liao this afternoon confirm liao but that time is 11.00am still got few hours time how i find the number? i just know just now the guys said he is from UMW. so i go to the directory and look for UMW office number. that lots man. den i call one by one and asked do you have such ppl there working. the answer is no. oh no lo..den suddenly my boss come in and asked, so this afternoon confirm right? me like OHNO in my heart den i replied my boss, sorry the client not free today maybe tomorrow la. so the boss say ok la den tomorrow la. so i continue find the number. but praise God, suddenly my mind think of maybe my staff got this client number leh so i try and asked them la. finally i found it. hui~~~~scare me. a lesson that i learn is must listen carefully and wrote down everything don missed it. if not o gui lo...hai~~~scary..

my dear outstation

i will missing my dear for four days three night. he going to Tawau, Sandakan and Lahad Datu today until sunday afternoon come back. he gonna give all the salesman training on the new car. pray for his journey and every presentation that he needs to say on the training.

today i so early to office, my work quiet free cos my boss not in today cos he will be having seminar in the hospital. tonight i have no church program yeah is the time i can relax at home and watch my movie liao. so tired every night go out. of cos also because delson not around so bit bored..hehe...but praise God during this few days lunch i have my best friends teman me lunch if nt i will eating biscuit in the office alone. but i used to it liao. for me either eating outside o eating inside the office alone is no problem for me. thanks friends. i so appreciate it. normally delson wil teman me eat one and same place all the time. so before he left to outstation, he know me wont go out eat one so he brought me biscuit la, choc bar la, cake la and many more and stock it for my lunch and breakfast. so caring oh..hehehe...indeed he really a good guy.

ok la. now is time for me to go and check my mail. someone everyday sure wrote me a love letter which is not delson...hehehe..someone...

dear take care. and me promise you i will take care also.