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Nothing to do so take picture la...hehe..

KK Box Ladies Night

last night, ying ying (delson's sister) phoned me while tat time i still in office doing some of my works. she said last night was the kk box ladies night, so all ladies was free of charge. wow i say maybe ok la den i phoned delson la asked him wanna go o not lo but guy need to pay normal price la tat 38++ included two drink and buffer. but if for ladies wan to eat buffer need to pay 18+ if don wan eat den free. so we decided to go and enjoy the kk box.

when we reached, delson become member so tat he can get 15% less from the normal price. but the member price cost 10 dollars. after that, we reached our room no 9. normal la got one guy come in and take order. den i said la only delson take buffer den our ladies don wan. so only 38++ plus two tibits 14+. suddenly the guy said, cannot, if delson wan to eat buffer, den the girl also need to take the buffer price tat is 18++ per person cannot get free. walau, what is tat? maybe i am wrong la cos i first time don know. but tat guy said is rules. sot la. first say free den now say need to pay. ppl say don wan eat ma den he force ppl makan. tat guy said, yes you can get free for ladies unless delson don wan to eat la. what is tat? i so mad la...sorry for tat...becos my period time...hehe...

anyway, i not so enjoy tat time and i wont go to kk box anymore la. actually truely say kk box sound i don like cannot change the echo one and den the price more expensive den k box. i am k box fans i support k box. i know most of ppl like kk box la..sorry...different ppl different opinion la. but if you really wan to invited me to go kk box i will go also but i will asked first wat is the price and condition cannot simply charge ppl one. hate it.

bad mood..