Christmas Program

Our Church Sunday School celebrate our early Christmas party..hehe..attached herewith our picture sorry that i still very new to my canon digital camera..hehe...not so nice the picture...

starting today until thurday we start our home caroling and this year the sunday school kids are going to sing for us..i will lead them...haha..first time oh...cos after so many year i going out caroling normally is the adult yang sing one but this time is the bad i going to miss the gaya street celebration...i hope friday i sempat watch the fire works...cos i wanna try to use my canon to record the fire works..hehe...

den on the 24 night, we gonna have our christmas celebration for english and chinese service and malay christmas celebration is on 25 dec morning. 24 night i will be very super busy...first, i am the MC and i will lead the praise and worship, den i need to in charge for the few presentation...tat is my sunday school dance, women presentation, and carolers presentation...hehe...enjoy busy for the Lord...

on the 27 night our kong's family going to have our christmas dad plan to have our christmas dinner after every busy thing in he choose 27 night. we all will bring one gift and have our exchange gift and we have our turkey night and red wine..hehe...waiting for that..

busy busy busy but happy...hehe.





what happened to his eye?

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Behind Sunset



last saturday, after work i got carolling practise, sunday school christmas practise until 4pm. after that me and del went to putatan yu classic see the car accessories. delson car now in progress become bling bling every month we will buy 1 o 2 bling bling D.A.D. accessories..last saturday we bought a safety belt lock sorry i din took the picture...

after that, we went to tanjung aru have a walk and had our dinner. almost three month liao we din went there..hehe..for your information tanjung aru was our first dating place...where he hold my hands..hehe...and give me the first bottle of body shop perfume and one gelang. think back oh kida funny one...

after that, we went to centre point bought some of the bling bling sticker and shun bian see watches. why watch? becos i planning to have a bling bling watch for my birthday gift next year..hehe..but still haven confirm one la cos i got lots birthday gift in my mind..hehe...and of cos delson also i need to think now...but i already have in my mind liao...hehe...don tell you guess later you bocor my rahsia..hehe..if you have better idea please comment me...

after that, balik rumah...hehe...

tat all for my weekends