Many Things Happened~

Last week really a erm errr dn kn how to explain....really unhappy week for me. let me explain one by one. 

1. my office internet line kena stop and we cant online (reason becos some of our staff din do their works and online only) it really freak me out becos i cant leave without internet. 

2. my project manager resigned and one of my staff also resigned. she is my closed friend....i so sad la..and now i need to do her work and transfer to one borneo. 

3. ISO need to upgrade from ISO 9001: 2000 to ISO 9001: 2008. I need to change some of the item lots works to do. but good..i love busy...

4. this month i pokai liao...cant you imagine only 02 june 09. but wat to do. this month i got few ppl birthday. my dad, my brother, selina, father day and friend's wedding. money money....need money now...

5. but lastly...i still very happy becos delson still stand by my side...hehe...he really support me lots...really thank you.

just updated

my new stuff

all me and irene watches

yeah! finally i can get my gift 

play fish games

coming soon....more picture...