say bye bye to June...

before going to lunch with my dear, i thinking wrote something in my blogger...becos my dear lunch hours is 1.00pm tp 2.00pm and mine is 12.30pm to 2.00pm. so every lunch we normally got enough time to meet up and have lunch at kolombong giant. i know very boring but the only place is air con and near our office.

this week is bit free week for me, not much work at the office and church ministry also free...hehehe..tonight i need to go and see them practise cos soon i going to menggatal church already. so just try my best to help them lo. and delson tonight got date with his best friend time for him to go out relax...hehehe..without me...enjoy it..

one of my account clerk resigned already becos of some reason she not so unhappy work in here...anyway, bless her la...lucky she got husband also la..but for me although one day i get marry i still want to continue my work..cos i don wan whole life KAO lao gong money oh..hehehe..

so sad, my salary only get at 03/07/2007...but anyway is ok la...cos i can save bit la...cos i need to save money for my KL trip happy waiting for that day to come...i going with irene my sister, delson and some happy....yeah can holiday liao..although only five days but i will enjoy it..

just came back from lunch, guess what, chicken rice i eaten and drink ice white coffee...i seldom and can say not at all drink coffee but my dear like to drink...what to just now i told my dear la, if one day i suddenly loved coffee liao how? den he said, NO NO NO you cant loved coffee cos you will fight with me....aiyo...lucky la i don like to drink delson no need worry la...hehehe..i wont fight with you one...

tomorrow my mummy will come back from miss her oh....she brought us many things yeah...i looking forward tomorrow a mid night flight oh...sure lots story hear from her liao...i know she also miss us....konon...

happy... :)

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