monday suck..

so tired this morning, cos delson flight delay becos of the thunder to 12.00am arrived..actually is arrived at 11.30pm whole family after sending the youth den we went to airport and around 11.15pm arrived den me and irene went down and see the arrival time...OH 12.00am arrived...den we decided go for supper...den go back and pick delson happy see delson again..

this morning when reached office, annoying the sound....our down office there doing the breaking of the floor...i have no idea why maybe need to do back the floor gua...the machine keep on keep on keep on...make me cant concentrate my works and ppl phone us they also say very head almost burst out...hope it gone fast..

one more days to go is holiday happy...but tonight and tomorrow night i need to go to church rush all my family camp set song and my sunday worship song cos tuesday got practise and den need to do the buletin again...oh my goosh....Lord please give me energy and more time....hehehe...

God bless me...and everyone of my friends also...