Another Po Po back to heaven...

Yesterday i received a phone called from my mum and asked me to help for last night a service at FOOK LOOK SIEW because got one menggatal church old lady passed away i just said...OK I WILL GO...this old lady i knew her not so well becos i am very new at menggatal church, but i remembered very clearly was that she very like my dad, everytime in the sunday service when she saw my dad sure she will stand up from her sit and shake hand with my dad and smile at him. but after she felt to sick den she cant able to come to church anymore. she is very faithful and believe in God whole heartedly. i really amazed on her attitude. here is some of the picture that i took last night. thank God for her life in the world for 78 yrs.

after the service, me, daddy and mummy and irene went to kolombong restaurant had our supper. wallet no money at all...cos normally i will pay for the meal but this time i really cant pay it lucky my mum got money...hehe...if not we cuci piring...

after supper, den we pulang rumah...guess mum bought a BIG durian and we had our second round dessert supper.....hehe...

wow....great night...


Shopping day with delson and ying ying

SaSa hand cream only cost RM10
SS at MiniToon
nice christmas tree
with Christmas Tree at 1 B
Shot Shot Shot

Yesterday afternoon, ying, me and delson went to one borneo for shopping....just because for the new opened SaSa...those who like make up....come and grab sales until 8th of Dec....too bad me pokai liao this month so i gonna grab it next month....for my christmas present....hahaha....wait for me SaSa...

My Beloved DAD Ordination...

dad and mum

Rev Tan and his wife

my family

with Archdeacon & his wife

with AH NEE
With Bishop & his wife

With MAWC church members

with my aunts...

with bishop's mom

group photo

sermon time



sorry for the late are the some picture that i took tat day...

congratulation DADDY....YOU ARE THE BEST....YEAH...


farewell mdm khoo

yesterday our finance manager spend me, selina, karen and maimunah at one borneo "NEW YORK NEW YORK". really nice the enviroment and the food okok la...but still can accept into my stomach. and we gave her M.A.C lipstick for her as gift. here is some of the picture that we took.