reward for my brother

Purple colour belong to him

about my brother (barney) UPSR there was a story behind it. Before the UPSR begin, i challenge my brother that if you get your UPSR result, if you get 1 A and you will get 100 dollars. that time i din think too much den i give him this challenge, i thought he wont be able to get many As cause he just addict to the computer games and TV movie and seldom i saw him study at home.

so, i totally forget about this and i din even know when the UPSR start and when it end. one day i forget when liao, my mum phoned and said you get ready your money lo...den i asked WHY? your brother UPSR result out already...OH MY....i suddenly felt scare pula...den i asked how many As he get...den my mum said to me, you just get ready 300 dollars la...walau....really thank God my brother result was better than me pula...i din even get an A what i promised him i need to keep my promise lo...

den i asked him, what you wan? you wan money o you wan something else? den he said i wan handphone...den i said ok la...if you wan den i go and look for you one...den after he knew i will buy him sony ericsson handphone, my brother keep calling me LISA JIE. and even watch movie he also let me watch first oh...hehe...irene said my brother put the red carpet and give his big sister walk...funny...

finally i bought the sony ericsson w350i for him and with 1g memory card inside. my brother was happy and almost long as he satisfy den ok liao....

The Things That I Bought

Guess Perfume

my new colour hair and new eye brow

ss in toilet

new pinky scarf

sasa imported umbrella

make up

bling bling hp

another bling bling

my office computer(give it wear cloth)

Last Saturday, selina and i went to wisma merdeka shopping...hehe...i bought one scarf for my office use during my cold time...after that we went to one borneo shopping...we went to our favourite place that is SA happy...i found all my things there. and all together i used 120 dollars and i get one sasa imported umbrella....i also bought one guess perfume 75ml cost 193.50 and i get another free umbrella..hehe...not only umbrella we get free and also two mascara for good oh...but of cos money tat make everything perfect...attached herewith the things that i bought.

from 1.30pm shopping until likes shopping...