Proud Of You

this message is for my sister IREAN KONG. my sister is a very intelligent person. why i say like that? among our three sister. i can tell you all that she is the genius. me and my second sister tidak pandai belajar. during our school time we just pandai main main only din serious study. but thank God for IREAN. she really a very clever and hardworking person. i am sure that our family proud to have her. from young she always make our parents and everyone laugh and happy becos her face make ppl laugh even until now. my mum very like her...too bad we get lots video but some of you not our family you cant private one...

she study at SIA...and she taking a interior designer. finally she did a last final exam. and i saw that every night she study until 2am and using three laptop (herself, my dad and delson) for her presentation. finally today she did it. and just now i saw her hard word...AMAZED AND SHE DID IT. very nice. and very nice...of cos is student standard la. cannot compare with working ppl la. anyway...i think for me she is the best. i heard that everyone is praying for her and the rest of the student. if you all wanna see her hard work...please kindly sms her o PM her o leave a comment on her blog. o view her facebook. 

next monday she starting training working at one of my church member company. (Roland Tang's company). 

she is our future hope in our family. no one else..hehe....she said after she works she will give the best for touching HA... can do it...pray for you during ur working life...hehe...