Early Birthday Gift for Daddy

i just bought one new watch for my dad as early birthday gift/father day cos next month is my dad birthday and also father dad din wear watch for quite sometimes and the recently watch that he had is only RM50 (cheap brand which not water resistance) so now i wanna bought one watch that he can used more longer and brand one..hehehehe...i just told myself budget only around 200 dollars for the gift. and i walk around wisma, centre, wawasan and gaya street. finally i went to asia city and found this watch. RM350 less until RM255. cheap? expensive? reasonable?

why i wanna buy so early? becos next month i got two more birthday and totally not enough money to buy. that is my brother and my friend also june birthday. mati lo this month i still can effort so i bought early one month...and when my mum saw it, she jealous and asked me got women's watch ah? and i told her of cos got but i will buy for you during your october birthday cos mother's day i already gave her diamond vincci shoe.

so basically this month me also pokai only left few dollars only...hehehehe...after deduct all my astro, offering and bla bla this month cannot sing KARAOKE and watch movie liao...hehe...and also finger nail colour....

anyway, happy cos my dad super like that watch and this morning first time i saw him bath maybe becos need to wear that watch...hehehe....

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